2015 Limbo Concert photos

2015 - Johnny Limbo & The Lugnuts Concert Pic's

Thursday, August 6th, in Wilsonville, OR at the City Center Park was the site of our LHS 5th Annual Johnny Limbo Rock Fest - and what an event it was!  Jerry Hofmann (64) (aka Johnny Limbo) and his band were, as usual, in rare form.  Between 40 & 50 classmates/spouses attended (depending on whose count) and was our largest group ever.  Our get together after the concert at the Boston Pub & Grill was filled to capacity.  Please enjoy the pic's of some of our classmates who attended and my apologies to those who were not included (new phone camera with little expertise at the time - shame on me!).


1.  Art Samson (64) with his beloved new dog!


2.  Lynn & Joe Sullivan (64)


3.  Penny and Bill Spence (64)


4.  Irene and Chuck Kornegay (64) rock n rollin'


5.  Dale Counsell (64)  - came all the way from La Grande to attend!


6.  Tracy Steffen Osaki (63) with friends Norma Henry and Carol Gordon


7.  Stephanie Lewis (Gavin's daughter) and her beau Dean Bortz


8.  David Smith (62) and Vicki Tagliafico with friend Patty Combs


9.  Ann (Morgan) Vess (65) and Steve Vess (65)


10.  Gavin Lewis (64)


11.  Sheryl (Fogle) Warren (63) and daughter Mindy Warren


12.  Neal and Judy (Wylde) Winters (64) with daughter & John and Carol (Masterton) May (64)


13. Lisa Hofmann (Jerry's wife) (64) 


14.  Stephanie (Gavin's daughter) and Dean rockin & rollin' 


15.  Penny and Bill (64) rockin & rollin'


16.  Patty and Stu Chalupsky (64)


17.  Irene and Steve Masters (62)


18.  Susan and Lowell Masters (64)


19.  The Gang (can you find Tom Easley, Alan Strong, ConnieTaylor Nelson, Tom Blaylock & Marolyn McGlasson Blaylock, or Netha Rhodig Lester)


20.  Johnny Limbo & The Lugnuts (who's the guy in turquoise?)


21.  Johnny Limbo (Jerry Hofmann - 64) - pic is blurry because the guy never stops movin'!


22.  Johnny Limbo & The Lugnuts (without the guy in turquoise)