'62 Reunion Picnic photos


Dear Classmates,

Hope you are still glowing in the memories we created last September!

If you have not already discovered this, Gavin has posted MANY pictures taken at our "Fabulous Fiftieth" reunion picnic.  Check it all out below!  Find yourselves and find your friends!

For those of you who were not able to attend the reunion, please avail yourselves of the opportunity to see your classmates and update your mental images from 50 years ago!

I did my best to identify the most prominent in the pictures.  If you recognize someone not listed, please email me (or Gavin) with the NUMBER on the picture and the people not identified.  There are pictures where many people are like tiny ants in the background.  In many cases these people are not identified.  It would be possible to just list the others as "in the background".  Let me know if that is what you would like me to do.  OR you can name them for me!

Already looking forward to seeing you all at our 55th reunion!

Carol  (Paris Campbell)


1.  Newly Rebuilt Riverside Park Pavilion - September 2012


2.  New Pavilion River rock Fire place


3.  New Pavilion Kitchen


 4.  More New Pavilion Kitchen


5.  Our Reunion Picnic Caterer - Nadine Hallmark Stensgard (Class of '65), owner of  "All Occasions Caterers"


6.  L to R:  Diane Gilbert and Mike Kornegay, Ron Keffer, Judi (Bever) Gardiner, and Dave Hallmark


7.  L to R:  Jerry and Elizabeth Blacker, and Lanetta (Carter) Paul.


8.  L to R:  (in center) Darrel Dunham, and Bob and Annette (Mayger) Aschenbrenner.


9.  At far side of front table L to R:  Lois (Denning) and Lorne Pleger, Mike and Sally (Brownton) Wiens.


10.  L to R:  Sharon (Waldrop) Huey, Joyce (Huntsman) Higley, Diane Shurtliff, and Sandy (Smith) Clausen.


11.  Front side table L to R:  Tim and Jan (Pipes) Kerns.  Far side table L to R:  Auldin Prescott, Jim Cash, Bill and Jody Hermann, Michele (Mousel) Mikkelson, and Mary (Speckhart) Koza.




13.  L to R:  Dave Smith, Donna Dee (Smutz) Clark, Carlene (Johnson) Crampton, ?, Pam and Tom Thomas, and Mary Jo (Peck) Lemon, and ?


14.  Left side of table L to R:  Sharon Jones, Nancy (Jones - '64) and Bob Broyles, Vicky Hallmark.   Right side of table L to R:  Mike Jones, Jim Rodgers, Mary Lou and David Dean, Larry Nice, Jody (Foster) Campbell, Larry Courtright, Lowell and Joyce Beeman.


15.  Carol (Paris) Campbell and Doug Campbell.


16.  Mike and Sally (Brownton) Wiens.


17.  L to R:  Linda (Wheaton) McMillan,  Judy (Bever) Gardiner, Sue (Fisk) Kreutz, and Patty Ladd.


18.  L to R:  Carol (Paris) Campbell, Linda (Kuhn) Lorenzen, Marilyn (Teeter) Sotelo, and Barbara (Huffman) Weeks.


19.  L to R:  Judy (Foster) Campbell, Jerry and Elizabeth Blacker


20.  Douglas and Joyce (Huntsman) Higley


21.  Nancy (Chandler) DeBoie and John Deboie.


22.  Lanetta (Carter) Paul and Norman Brown.


23.  Kyle Boylen and wife


24.  L to R:  Auldin Prescott, Tom Thomas, and Bob Peacock.


25.  Don and Netha (Rhodig) Lester.


26.  L to R:  ?, ?, ?, Barbara (Huffman) Weeks, and Dave Hallmark.


27.  "Party Crasher" Gavin Lewis ('64) and Carol (Paris) Campbell


28.  L to R:  Darrel Dunham, Jim Phillips, and Andy Tuttle


29.  L to R:  Nancy (Jones - '64) Broyles, Nancy (Chandler) DeBoie, and Judy (Gribbling) Clemons.


30.  L to R:  ?, Barbara and "Sparky" Smutz.


31.  L to R:  Mike Kornegay, Bob Broyles, Jim Moffit, John Zeigler, and James Shadwick.


32.  Larry and Claudine Nice.


33.  L to R:  Jim Cash, Mary Lou Dean, David Dean, and Auldin Prescott (nice smile Auldin).


34.  David and Vicky Hallmark.


35.  Doug and Sharon (Jones) Spencer.


36.  Lowell and Joyce Beeman.


37.  Bill and Jody Hermann.


38.  L to R:  Annette (Mayger) Aschenbrenner, Roger Hedden, Netha (Rhodig) Lester, and Andy Rauwolf.


39.  Tom and Pam Thomas.


40.  Janice (Pipes) Kerns, and Diane Shurtliff


41.  Sue (Fisk) Kreutz and Jim Cash.


42.  L to R:  Mary Jo (Peck) and Terry Lemon, and David and Vicki Smith.


43.  Terry Lemon ('63)


44.  Dennis and Steve Waite with their wives.


45.  L to R:  James Shadwick, Sharon (Waldrop) Huey, Doug Higley, Diane Shurtliff, Joyce (Huntsman) Higley, Sandy (Smith) Clausen, and Carlene (Johnson) Crampton.


46.  L to R:  Jody Hermann, Michele (Mousel) Mikkelson, and Patty Ladd.


47.  Lorne Pleger (shame on you Lorne) and Sharon (Waldrop) Huey.


48.  Judy (Foster) Campbell.


49.  L to R:  ?, Judy (Gribbling) Clemons, and Beverly Schaad.


50.  L to R:  Annette (Mayger) and Bob Aschenbrenner, and Ted Clausen.


51.  Claudine Nice and Carol (Paris) Campbell.


52.  L to R:  John Ziegler and Larry Nice (You look great Larry but can you still "dunk" the basketball?)


53.  L to R:  Jim Moffit, Mike Jones, Jim Phillips, Darrel Dunham, and Jim Rodgers.


54.  L to R:  Larry Courtright, "Sparky" Smutz, and Kathy and Ron Keffer.