'63 50th Reunion Photos

The LHS Class of 1963 celebrated their 50th year Class Reunion this past Summer in La Grande on Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th.  The first group of pictures were taken at Friday's Registration/Reception pasta dinner held at the La Grande Country Club.

1.  Mike Sanderson and his wife Bernie

2.  Gavin Lewis (Class of '64) and Lee-Anne Morgan Clarke

3.  Bob Dalton and Kathy Lumsden de Torres

4.  Lee-Anne Morgan Clarke and Carolyn Peters Robertson

5.  Carolyn Peters Robertson and her husband Lee

6.  Dan Morris, Bill Woodman, and Joe Hilliard

7.  Leora Pierson Houston and her husband Kent

8.  Russ Bowman and his wife Linda

9.  Candy Kellenberger Miller and her husband Gary

10.  Carol Easley Haddock and her husband Richard Haddock

11.  Frank Miller and Mike Sanderson

12.  Sunny Marshall Kumagai and her husband Arnie

13.  Tim Dodson and his wife Linda

14.  George Altenburg and his wife Susan

15.  Kyle Boylen and his wife Chris

16.  Claudine Phifer Nice and her husband Larry ('62)

17.  Joe Hilliard and Bob Kretchmer

18.  Dave Hodge and his wife Donna

19.  Dan Morris and his wife Doreen

20. Susan Altenburg and Tom Weir's sister

21.  Katie Fitzgerald Curtis and her husband Paul

22.  Jim Cash and Murf Karns

23.  Tom Weir and Bob Dalton

24.  Bill Whittemore ('65) and Rob Fallow

25.  Nadine Hallmark Stensgard ('65) - our fabulous caterer




The next group of pictures were taken at the Saturday afternoon picnic held at the newly rebuilt Riverside Park Pavillion.


1.  Our honored guests -  Buzz Fulton and Bob Gregory

2. "In Memory Of" poster (courtesy of Carol Easley Haddock)

3.  Previous Reunion photos

4.  Old school photos

5.  Memories and memorabilia

6.  Photos of our Athletes - "Go Tigers"!

7.  Personal Shared Photos

8.  More Shared Photos

9.  More & More Shared Photos

10.  We're standing out here in the hot sun for what?  You look happy Sandra Haydock!

11.  Oh yes, this is our Reunion group photo shot!  Hey, George Remsen, look at the camera!

12.  Finally caught Randy Dolven and Bob Prosch in a photo shot

13.  Yeah!  We're finally lined up for our group shot!  Nice legs Doug!  Is that Ben Payne on the end?

14.  Our "official" 50th Reunion Group Shot!

15.  Max Cooper with his wife Ardie and daughter Shannon

16.  Mike Gulzow and his wife Jackie

17.  Tracy Steffan Osaki, Candy Howard (Mike's sister), and Wendy Moberry Abel

18.  Oren "Corky" Walker and his wife Linda

19.  Buck Huizinga and Joanne Huizinga

20.  Linda Taylor Lovely and Diana Hoover Struntz

21.  Wendy Moberry Abel and her husband Gary

22.  Rob Fallow and his wife Camille (Cam)

23.  John Standley and his wife Carol

24.  Doug Hiatt, his wife Barbara, and his beloved Chrysler

25.  Sandra Haydock Shannon, Barbara Plass McClure, and Ann McFarland

26.  Delores Smith Patterson, her husband Zane, and their daughter Crista Delathauwer

27.  Steve Nebeker and his wife Charlotte

28.  Lesta Hartsock Craig and her husband Ed

29.  Alan McGlasson and his wife Sharon

30.  Ron Thompson and his wife

31.  Kathi Karns (Murf's wife), Patty Karns Goddard (Murf's sister), and Kolleen Howard (Mike's wife)

32.  Dennis Lovely and his wife Linda Taylor Lovely

33.  Mike Howard and his wife Kolleen

34.  Sunny Marshall Kumagai and her husband Arnie

35.  Diane Clarke Jones and her husband Tom Jones